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Calculating exclusion for user journeys

This calculator estimates the proportion of the British population who would be unable to use a product or service because of the demands that it places on the users’ capabilities.

Using this calculator involves assessing the demands that a task, product or service places on a range of user capabilities. If you have not been trained in assessing demands, then please go to the Framework section in the Inclusive Design Toolkit.

About us

This calculator was produced by the Cambridge Engineering Design Centre, as part of the ID‐3 Inclusive Design Consortium run by the Centre for Business Innovation.

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This ‘freely available’ version of the exclusion calculator allows you to assess one task, using UK population data from 1997.

You can purchase a licence for the ‘advanced’ version, which enables you to:

  • Assess a user journey of multiple tasks
  • Load, save and export results
  • Use different versions of the source population data, which have been re-profiled to account for demographic changes to 2016 and 2025, for the UK and other countries
  • Perform exclusion calculations within Microsoft Excel

Access to the advanced version costs £15k for 2 years. Access to data for countries other than the UK costs extra.

All licence fees are spent on further development of the calculator, and all future developments are available to all license holders.

Please contact us for more details at

Download Excel version of Exclusion Calculator

Note this Excel version will only perform exclusion calculations if you purchase and enter a valid license code. You may also want to download the Quick start guide and Reference manual,

Target population

Target population

Total exclusion:
One or more demands
outside survey range
Size of target population:

Population statistics are derived from a reanalysis of the 1996/97 Disability Follow-up-survey, as described in Waller’s journal paper.


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